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Majestic Vending  & Services, Inc. began in 1992 as a part time hobby. It began with the purchase of a $50.00 gumball machine placed in a waiting room at a construction company. The real purpose we were looking to generate an income was so we could have a roof over our heads, raise a family of our four kids and put food on our own table. So I sat down one day and scribbled out their initials and came up with the name Majestic Vending.   By 1994 the company was operating as a D/B/A Majestic Vending Service, operating 12 full size snack and soda machines in three boroughs of New York City. 

In 1996 Majestic placed a soda and snack machine in a men’s retail store on Staten Island.  It proved to be a wise step because the store that was a national store asked Majestic to place machines in their other locations, which brought growth to the company by 100%. At this point Majestic filed as an S-Corporation under the name Majestic Vending and Services, Inc. Majestic was primarily a vending company however was looking to expand in other directions.  The company was soon contracted to manage and create tasty meals on location for an employee cafeteria at the Teleport in Staten Island. Through this expansion Majestic quickly expanded into office coffee services, 5-gallon bottled water delivery service and distributing assorted beverages to cafes in the metropolitan area.  This added another 50% in business.  In 1997 the company continued to grow in the vending area and was then operating 32 account locations. As locations expanded so did the services. Majestic added distribution of paper and light janitorial supplies, which led to an increase of business locations and revenue.

In keeping with the growth of the business, Majestic was still at this point a home- based business.  The main objective was to get the business out of the house and purchase a logistical base of operation. Believe it or not Majestic in addition to running the employee cafeteria it was operating the route out of two trucks, a storage facility and our home.  At this point Majestic continued to operate and grow to oversee and service 57 locations. Majestic finally had the opportunity to relocate to its first commercial base of operations in 1999 continuing all business operations through the move. The company had sustained the expansion and addition of territories in such a growth pattern that it had to a grand total of 250% overall allowing increasing staff and seasonal employees as needed.

From 1999 to the present Majestic continues to grow despite the set backs from the terrible attack of September 11th, 2001. Although that was over a decade ago it allowed Majestic to keep focused and that what is most important in business are relationships. Working in the New York City during that time proved to be a major challenge. We had to retrain and redirect the drivers in what to do in case they were stopped with the trucks or if they were in a location that was being threatened.  We couldn’t service our accounts normally and we totally had to reschedule and make extreme safety measures in order to function.  That meant we had to adhere to series of alert threat levels at any given time, provide quadruple identification for everyone affiliated with Majestic and withstand the sudden interruption of business loss.  We were determined to stick it out and although it had it moments of difficulties we were and are committed to own and operate in the greatest city in the world, New York.

Although as we thought if that was not enough of a serious issue at the time, the restrictions became new adherence which continued to lay down the climate of how to cautiously maintain business safely. These entire things have allowed Majestic to continue to be focused and determined even more to continue to succeed. Which in Majestic’s case was a great platform to learn. Very soon the United Sates fell into a deep recession which Majestic like other businesses had to continual navigate and choose wisely the best course to maintain business and yet provide the greatest customer service we are known for. Just as we were moving forward yet another challenge came before Majestic. Super storm Hurricane Sandy, which impacted our work place severely.  We needed to work and rebuild at the same time.  This proved to be yet another teaching moment but Majestic being majestic took it in great stride. We continued to thrive applying and utilizing our resource map realizing that instead of dividing and conquering we continued to expand and grow.  It allowed Majestic to solidify the mission we started with, that local businesses with resources are a key element to sustainable customer satisfaction.

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