Majestic Vending and Services, Inc. is a vending company that provides offsite equipment to your onsite location. We specialize in convenience through vending offering high quality products quickly and efficiently. Every account is individualized with vending machines to maximize the availability of beverages and snacks to satisfy your employees and visitors to your location.

Traditional Machine vending systems offer state of the art features that include Star Energy Efficiency, Sure Vend complete transactions, Real time electronic inventory monitoring which includes product management, inventory selection and nutritional personal health tracking for employee food service, LED lighting and electronic tracking. Majestic's staff is uniformed and offer expert consultant that will assist you to customize your selections to maximize your satisfaction.

Free Vend or company kitchens are a way the employer offers all the beverages, snacks and food items to their employees at no cost whether in a machine or casual professional cabinetry. We set up and provide what you order and provide you with a complete accounting of inventory.  We will automatically replenish as suggested and invoice you for a seamless transaction with out interruption. A great way to have the employees continual nourished and energized to work.

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Bulk Vending Machines

This offers a very nice addition of independent manual machines if you have areas that have limited space. Some offerings such as peanuts, trail mix, nuts, M&M’s, Mike & Ike, Peanut M&M’s, skittle, spree, candy, gum, gumballs, Good and Plenty, fruit flavors, Reese's Pieces, cashews, peanuts, gluten free, salt, sweet and sour, peanuts, almonds, cashews, pecans to name a few. Bulk items are also available in clear grab and go containers.

bulk Vending Candies

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Water Delivery

Water Jugs

Majestic safely transports and delivers 5 gallon bottled water, .5 liter 24 case count and 1 gallon distilled 6 case count right to your home or business doorstep. Water coolers are available upon request if needed.

Large quantities and pallet drop offs are available anywhere. Please call for pricing and procurement.
Water bottle recyling Recycling is very important to us and all our water products are completely biodegradable.
Water bottle recyling

Majestic carries several different brands of individual bottles both screw top and sports cap.

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Office Coffee

Majestic offers premium coffee service and set up. We provide tradition pour over coffee machines to brew by the pot with our 100% Regular and DeCafe Columbian coffee. Products and accessories available to complete your coffee experience include corporate kitchen amenities such as creamer, sugar, cups, lids, tea, hot chocolate and many other selections to satisfy you.

However if you are in the mood for just one cup we offer the legendary Flavia coffee, tea, hot chocolate and now espresso café.

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